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On Becoming a Fox, an Enigma, and a Cuckold

On Becoming a Fox, an Enigma, and a Cuckold - Photo by Anabella Lenzu. Welcome to part two of our dancer interviews! You may recall that in part one, apprentices lent some fascinating insight to the intellectual and emotional processes involved in dancing Pachamama: Mother World.

In part two, you’ll notice that dancers Sydney, Graham, Erik, and Kara focus on the challenging relationship of the external expression of a character to the internal. What is it like to become a fox? What does it mean to be an enigma (and indeed is it even possible)? What does it feel like to be cuckolded?

In the following dancer comments, keep an eye out for reflections of AL / DD’s philosophy that motion creates emotion, emotion creates motion. As AL / DD inspiration, musician and teacher François Delsartre suggests, “Every gesture is expressive of something…It is preceded by and given birth by a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a purpose, a design or a motive.”

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