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Nowruz Dance Initiative

Nowruz Dance Initiative - In 2012, I had the chance to work with the Nowruz Dance Initiative to develop an Afghan-American dance in celebration of the Persian New Year, Nowruz (*A note that "Nowruz" can have many different spellings. I've chosen "Nowruz" mostly because I like the way it looks, but be sure to check out some of its many spellings at the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans' article here).

Through the Initiative's blog, you can find information about the Initiative, it's meetings, its rehearsals, and its final project. I've copied a segment of the blog's introductory Q&A post here so you can get a feel for the project!

What is the Nowruz Dance Initiative?

This initiative seeks to compile an Afghan-American dance comprised of Afghan and American dance movements, with a view to building mutual tolerance and respect between and for each country’s respective cultural identity. Dance as a universal language will be explored through the Initiative’s goals as a global community building tool.

How will the Nowruz Dance Initiative accomplish its aims?

The Nowruz Dance Initiative will work with members of the Afghan and American communities to develop a dance representing each community's identities and to be performed at a celebration to be held in honor of the Persian New Year, Nowruz. Though Nowruz 2012 itself takes place on March 21st, the celebration and performance of the dance will take place in mid-April.

The performance will take place in either one of two ways. The first option would entail a live and simultaneous performance by the Afghan community and American community facilitated by the assistance of Skype. If this first option is not feasible due to the obstacle of time difference between the Afghan community and the American community, a second option may entail pre-recording the joint-performance for video presentation at each performance.

Check out the Initiative blog for more details!

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