As a writer, I practice using different writing styles to communicate with various audiences. Along with movement and body, I believe that text can be an important language with which to exchange knowedge.

March 27, 2016



On Becoming a Fox, an Enigma, and a Cuckold - Photo by Anabella Lenzu. Welcome to part two of our dancer interviews! You may recall that in part one, apprentices lent some fascinating insight to the intellectual and emotional processes involved in dancing Pachamama: Mother World


In part two, you’ll notice that dancers Sydney, Graham, Erik, and Kara focus on the challen...

March 20, 2016



Babies, Bloodlines, and Your Inner Chicken - Photo by Anabella Lenzu. “My emphasis is on the journey rather than the destination, on understanding the impulses generated by movements and gestures. I am constantly searching for authentic and honest movement. Derived from our most basic impulses, my dances use this principle to examine relationships between the individual and s...

March 9, 2016



An exploration of Dance Theatre as well as an anthropologic study - Image by Anabella Lenzu. Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama is getting ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary as a company through recreating its seminal work, Pachamama: Mother World.


Pachamama: Mother World was first choreographed by Anabella in residence at DUO Multicultural Arts Center (DMAC) and Envoy Enterprises, NY...

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