As a writer, I practice using different writing styles to communicate with various audiences. Along with movement and body, I believe that text can be an important language with which to exchange knowedge.

October 13, 2015

"Agua Dulce Dance Theater's "Deep Listening" Maps Puerto Rican History @ the Pergones Theater"Originally published on CultureBot. Alicia Diaz and Matthew Thornton of Agua Dulce Dance Theater presented an evening of works on Saturday night, including the three pieces algún día… some day, one head has many hats, and the evening’s namesake, Deep Listening. I had read a bit about the...

October 1, 2015

Lauhing with Leonie Pony of ponydance - For a reason that will become clear shortly, I recently became curious about why it is that we go see performances. As a dancer, I wonder what it is that drives people to fill seats in the audience, and, as an audience member, what is it that compels me to purchase a ticket to a show? So with the help of some handy crowdsourcing (i.e. Facebook...

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