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Bananalogues (2023)

Synopsis: You (yes you) interview a woman about her relationship with bananas.

Choreographer & Director: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Cinematographer: Matthew Lima

Editor: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Performers: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez, Bananas, Banana Paraphernalia, Matthew Lima, Neil Greenberg


Screenings: Film Blast Detroit, Detroit, MI.


Sandia (2023)

Synopsis: With rambutans as guides, two people embark on a voracious and gluttonous journey to a space that drowns, bathes, and carries them to a timeless universe.

Choreographer & Director: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Editor: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Cinematographer: Matthew Lima

Performers: Mario Vircha, Angela Schöpke Gonzalez, Sandia, Rambutan, Other Fruit

Music: "From Darkness we Awaken"

Composer: Michael Malis

Musicians: Virago

Funding: Commissioned by Michael Malis 

Screenings: Out-FRONT! Festival, New York, NY.

Media: Out-FRONT! Festival NYT review, Out-FRONT! Festival Forbes preview, Out-FRONT! Festival Timeout preview 

Banana & Me (2022)

Synopsis: Inspired by how the Cavendish banana’s sexualization has generated an incredible market for banana consumption in the US, Banana & Me explores relationships between Cavendish bananas and a woman. This work draws on the legacy of the banana-centric art and media production in the US from the 1890s-present.

Choreographer & Director: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Performers: Bananas, Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Cinematography: Matthew Lima

Film Editors: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez, Matthew Lima

Rehearsal Support: Anabella Lenzu, Matthew Lima, Annie Wang, and David Yates

Venues: Centro Nacional de la Cultura, San Jose, Costa Rica; Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn NY; Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


House Snake (2022)

Synopsis: A film story of seven beings - Susan Rethorst, Angela Schöpke Gonzalez, Charli Brissey, Maida Withers, Anabella Lenzu, Hans, and Laika - dancing together in life.

Editor & Facilitator: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Collaborators: Susan Rethorst, Maida Withers, Anabella Lenzu, Charli Brissey, Hans, Laika

Funding: University of Michigan (ArtsEngine Arts Integrative Interdisciplinary Research Grant, Center for World Performance Studies, School of Information) 

Screenings: Andy Arts Center (2022)

Skeleton & Me (2021)

Synopsis: Skeleton and Woman meet for a loving, violent, and deeply human encounter in dance film Skeleton & Me.

Choreographer & Director: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Cinematographer & Editor: Matthew Lima

Performers: Skeleton, Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Screenings: Screen Dance International 2021, Erie International Film Festival 2021, Andy Arts Center 2022

Two Women, One Map (2017)

Synopsis: Marie Curie, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and Sara Emma Edmonds, a field nurse and spy during the US Civil War, travel across time to find unexpected kinship with each other in Two Women, One Map.

Choreographer & Director: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Performers: Shannon O'Brien, Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Carpentry: Pepper Fajans

Venues: The Woods, New York, NY; Green Space, Long Island City, NY; Koresh Artist Showcase, Philadelphia, PA

Atom Skin I (2017)

Synopsis: Exploring the electric space of so-close-but-never-touching, Atom Skin I asks: what happens when two atoms get so close that they're nearly touching?  

Choreographer: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Rehearsal Director: Donna Cory

Performers: Gabe Garon, Davina Dou

Venue: The Bishop's School, La Jolla, CA

Mata Hari (2017)

Synopsis: An opera by Matt Marks and Paul Peers, Mata Hari tells the story of Mata Hari, a dancer executed by the French during WWI for being a German spy. 

Composer: Matt Marks

Librettist & Director: Paul Peers

Choreographer: Anabella Lenzu

Assistant Choreographer: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Venue: HERE Arts Center, New York, NY

New York Times Review: 

CableTable (2013)

Synopsis: Unable to physically meet for a meal at the kitchen table with her family distributed across the world, CableTable emerged from biweekly Skype family Skype meals, exploring what a virtual kitchen table feels, looks, smells, tastes, and sound like. 

Choreographer: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Advisor: Maida Withers

Performers: Hannah Ayasse, Ian Ceccarelli, Molly Feder, Shannon O’Brien, Alex Miller, Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Venue: J Down, Washington, DC

Communidemonation (2013)

Synopsis: Inviting audiences to participate in its cast's exploration of "democracy" in its public performance at Freedom Plaza, Communidemonation asks: What does democracy feel like? How do we sustain it? Is this democracy?

Choreographer: Angela Schöpke Gonzalez

Performers: Keri Birmingham, Ian Ceccarelli, Molly Feder, Elisa Rossoff, Matthew Sandoval, Clay Wiggs

Venue: Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC

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