• Oct 22, 8:00 AM
    Scientific Data
    A paper that I worked on with Libby Hemphill and Anmol Panda called "Comparative sensitivity of social media data and their acceptable use in research" was published in journal Scientific Data. You can access it here:
  • Aug 26, 9:00 AM
    Information, Communication & Society
    Florian Schaub's and my paper called "Mobile Phones at Borders: Logics of Deterrence and Survival in the Mediterranean Sea and Sonoran Desert" was published in journal Information, Communication & Society.
  • Aug 19, 8:00 PM
    Centro Nacional de la Cultura, WWPG+7XV, El Carmen, San José Province, San José, 10101, Costa Rica
    Inspired by how the Cavendish banana’s sexualization has generated an incredible market for banana consumption in the US, “Banana & Me” explores relationships between Cavendish bananas and a woman.
  • Aug 06, 8:00 PM
    Five Myles Gallery, 558 St Johns Place Brooklyn, NY 11238
    An evening called "An-Humans, Over These Great Distances" of performance, original music, and short film. Co-created, and performed by Annie Wang (Held Space), Angela Schöpke Gonzalez (Banana & Me), and david yates (azimuth).